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Thingamabobber Strike Indicator

Inspired by western guides using small balloons as strike indicators to improve buoyancy and sensiti...


Umpqua Combo Tool w/ Tie Fast Nail Knot Tier

The Tie Fast Combo Tool is a handy, robust tool that serves many purposes including a knot trimmer, ...


Umpqua Nylon Tippet Material (30 yd. spool)

Umpqua Nylon tippet has one of the best strength-to-diameter ratios on the market. This tippet materi...


Umpqua Power Taper Leaders

Turns over large dries, big heavy nymphs and streamers, even in a strong wind. Power Tapers are the ...


Umpqua SuperFluoro Tippet Material (30 yd. spool)

Umpqua's SuperFluoro Tippet Material is a premium fluorocarbon material with a bulldog strength, par...


Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot

Water Gremlin's Removable Split Shot is constructed of a very soft lead that can be squeezed onto ...


Winston Boron IIIx

"Incredible" is the only way to describe this new series...

Winston Boron IIt

The Boron IIt series proved that advanced boron technology could be used to create exceptional mediu...


Winston Passport

The Passport series is a line of fast action fly rods that offer unprecedented performance...

Winston VSL

VSL rods aren't merely a series of lightweight, high line speed graphite rods. They're an incredible design...


XINK is the only patented Fly Sink in the world. All other products are plagiarized from other indu...


Zap A Gap

Fills gaps. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 24 hours. Accelerate with KICKER. Bonds...


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