Fishing Reports
March 23, 2016
Thomas Fabbro, March 24, 2016

There are currently excellent numbers of fish in all the Ohio tributaries. Cooler temps have been keeping a lot of fish holding in deeper water, which has made for some very good fishing in the past couple of weeks. White and olive swung flies have been producing fish consistently, as well as dead drifting eggs, white zonkers/buggers, and stoneflies.  Pay attention to the water temps and slow down your presentation in colder conditions. The rain tonight and tomorrow will help things out because the rivers are very low and clear right now.  Fishing should remain very good at least for the next few weeks, and please feel free to call the shop at any time for further details.


We are still having open vice night every Thursday from 6:30-9:00, so bring your vice and some materials and stop in to tie some bugs.


Fishing Report January 4, 2016
Thomas Fabbro, January 04, 2016

The Rocky is Loaded! All sections of the river fishing well. Most fish being caught on egg patterns and stoneflies, but some great reports of successful swinging. If you can.....go NOW! Cold temps in the forecast at night might cause some slush ice in the mornings. We have also received great reports from the Vermilion this weekend. Mill Hollow and Bacon Woods were fishing well. East side tribs are also in great shape, with the Grand flows getting just right in the next day or two. Get out and enjoy the best fish numbers of the year. Stay tuned!

Fishing Report - November 16th, 2015
Thomas Fabbro, November 16, 2015

The Lake Erie tribs are up and running at great levels thanks to the rain last week. The Grand, Conneaut, and Chagrin are looking excellent for this week. Rocky and Vermilion are still a little low, but certainly fishable. As far as fish numbers go… the rivers out east still seem to have the majority of the fish. It is definitely worth the extra drive if you have the time. We are seeing more fish trickling in Rocky and the lower Vermilion every time we get some rain, but another hard rain or two would help a lot. Streamers have been fishing really well… try white woolly buggers, zonkers, or your favorite shiner pattern on the strip or swing. Eggs and nymphs continue to produce… just remember to fish smaller and more natural looking flies as the rivers drop and clear up. There is a good chance of rain on Wednesday, so if you are planning on fishing later in the week just make sure to check the flows before going. As always, feel free to call the shop for more details (440) 934-5345.


Fishing Report November 9th, 2015
Thomas Fabbro, November 09, 2015

Fishing report 11/9/15


Still need rain!!! There are some fish in most of the tribs, but flows are low and leaves are a problem. I would stay low on the rivers and try shiner patterns. There are loads of emerald shiners in the rivers now, so try swinging your favorite pattern through the deep pools and hang on. Fish are spooky, be gentle on your presentations. Some rain opportunities this week should bring better conditions for the days ahead. Stay positive and get ready……IT WILL HAPPEN!

October 22nd, 2015
Thomas Fabbro, October 22, 2015

Fishing Report October 22nd

Steelhead... Think rain! All major rivers and tributaries are extremely low right now. We need a good old fashioned soaker and some cool temps to go with it. There are many reports of fish staging at the mouth of these tribe so it's up to Mother Nature to do her part. There are some fish in the lower Chagrin, Conneaut, and sporadic fish in the lower rocky.  PA has some fish in Elk and Walnut but conditions are very difficult with low, clear water. If you go, try small eggs and nymphs - size 14-16. Be stealth and very delicate with your presentation.

Trout... Some have been enjoying the late season trout season in PA. There have been decent reports from Spring Creek and other spring fed streams around the state. You'll probably be by yourself so enjoy the surroundings and the beautiful colors.

Tyers... Get those boxes full and get ready for the season. We are well stocked with all your tying needs.

August 11th, 2015
Thomas Fabbro, August 12, 2015


Clear Fork

Both stretches of the Clear Fork are fishing pretty well. Most trout probably in the upper stretch, but some can be found in the lower creek. Terrestrials and late evening caddis are the best bet for dries. Small nymphs and soft hackles have also been producing.

Mad River

Some tricos have been working on the upper stretches. But be the early worm, this is a morning gig and happens at daybreak. The lower river has been producing with big streamers. This is your best opportunity to hunt for a big fish. Some anglers have reported spotty action on terrestrials during the afternoon.


Michigan Trout

Trico’s are consistent throughout the rivers and provide some great early morning dry fly fishing. Terrestrials are dominating the afternoons. Try a large rubber legged attractor and a small ant or beetle dropper for some fast afternoon action. Mousing late nights is still the best way to catch a big trout this time of year.

PA Trout

The Little J and Spring Creek got a bump in levels with the rain yesterday, but should be good to go soon. Spring is high but clear, the Little J needs a day or so to fish. Tricos on Spring have been good lately…be there early in the morning for the best action. Terrestrials are dominating the rest of the day. Ants, beetles, and small hoppers are working well. Some tan caddis have been around in the evenings.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth fishing remains spotty in the Ohio Tributaries. Resident bass have moved to the deep holes. Try a crayfish pattern worked along the bottom for best results.

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June 18th, 2015
Scott Smith , June 22, 2015


Go now! The dry fly fishing for trout in Ohio is awesome! June is the best time of year for dry fly fishing in the Mid-West! However, bring a couple streamers for those over cast days and hold on!

Go Drake’n on the Mad. But these are Drakes so you may go mad chasing drakes. These bugs are as unpredictable as the smartest and most beautiful of the human species. However, as nature would have it, when you get it right- it is awesome! There are also some Sulphurs and Cahills still hanging around on the upper reaches. The fish are definitely looking up and eager to play! Go soon!!

The Clear Fork has been awesome when the water has been right. These little down pours have made timing the flows a bit unpredictable. However, the fish are definitely looking for Caddis and terrestrials on the top and caddis larvae and pupa sub-surface. This is an easy and awesome day trip and Mohican State Park is beautiful.

Smallmouth: There are still some migratory fish around and the resident fish will play when the conditions are right. The every other day torrential storms have made chasing smallies and catching poison ivy a little more challenging this year. However, you can still do both at least for the rest of June! Watch the water tables and catch them any way that makes you happy! They love medium sized poppers in the evening and olive rubber legged streamers during the day!

Presque Isle:

Speaking of smallmouth-this was an early and unpredictable fishery. Early May was on fire! However, the fish are departing a little early and this fishery is winding down. That means the big number days are slowing down; not that the fishing is poor. There are still numerous bass, pike and musky in the bays and channels. You can still have an absolutely awesome day at Presque Isle and it is a great time to grab a kayak and explore!


The trout fishing in Pa has been awesome and continues to be incredible. Terrestrials and nymphs during the day and Drakes at night-how fun is that!


This is transition week in the great State of Michigan. The Drakes are still around but the spinner falls have been unpredictable. The Iso’s have come on very well and the trout love them! However, the main event starring the incredible “Hex” is just starting. This is a “must see” show. These bugs are huge, the spinner fall is absolutely incredible and the otherwise invisible monster browns come out to play. However, this is a night game so get your sleep now.

Starting next week, hit the water about 7:00 PM with an ISO Dun and catch a few good fish, switch to a Hex Dun at about 9:00 and catch a couple even better fish. Then, shorten your leader and switch to a Hex spinner at about 10:15. From 10:15 until 2:00 AM, enjoy the “flush” of a monster Brown crushing your spinner and then trying to land these pigs in the dark-this is a crazy game! Finally, assuming you have not had enough mosquito bites and want to see the entire show, find some slower water, tie on a Hex emerger and catch some ridiculous fish until about 5:00 AM. This is a great time to grab a beer, watch the sunrise and only then catch a nap!

Repeat this process for as many days as your body can take it until about July 10.

The next three weeks are made for night fishing for monster Browns-you can sleep in July!


May 11th, 2015
Scott Smith , May 12, 2015

There are so many options and so little time!

Steelhead Alley:

The steelhead season is winding down but what an awesome spring of steelhead fishing! All the tribs held great numbers of exceptionally willing fish and conditions were very favorable for much of the spring. You can certainly still catch steelhead in almost all of the tribs for the next week, especially if you focus on the lower sections. Drop back fish are aggressive and great fun. However, the season is definitely winding down and a majority of fish have gone to the lake.

Smallmouth Alley:

The smallmouth migration has started and most of the tribs are holding good numbers of these bronze backs. Most fish are in the lower sections but should be throughout all of the systems by next week. May 15-June 15 is an awesome time to chase these fish with almost any small streamer or medium sized popper. This is an incredible time to be on the water! Take a four weight and a handful of flies and explore the slower and woody pocket water. There are very few anglers and lots of happy smallmouth!

Carp Alley:

This is really fun and the next four weeks is prime time. They are currently in the tribs in great numbers and are an awesome game fish! Take a seven weight, some 2x fluorocarbon and a few weighted black wooly buggers or cray fish colored lead eyed buggers with rubber legs and cast to tailing carp that weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. These are smart and challenging fish that eat flies and fight like crazy.

Presque Isle:

This is an awesome fishery and well worth a trip or two each year. Look for a south wind and a couple of warm days, grab any fly rod and some clousers or white minnow patterns and enjoy. This fishery should be prime starting about May 15 and is usually great until at least June 15. Take a day and explore the bays of Presque isle. There are smallmouth, carp, pike and musky. You never know what you are going to catch, but you are most likely going to catch some really fun fish in a really beautiful place!




The Mad and Clear are fishing well! The Hendrickson’s are winding down and we are starting to see some Sulphurs, March Browns and Caddis. If you cannot get them to rise, try a dropper green caddis, Pheasant Tail or any small bead headed nymph. They are eating! Also, the streamer bite is still solid. This is a great way to move some big fish!


The fishing is great. However, the conditions are a bit low and clear so stealth has been important. Try some 6x fluorocarbon if you are getting refusals. Stick with the caddis and March Brown patterns. There are so many creeks and so many fish within an easy driving distance that you should leave now!


The steelhead fishing is winding down but the trout fishing is gearing up. There are certainly still catchable numbers of steelhead in many of the rivers so catch them while you can!

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The trout fishing got off to a slow start but this week brought epic Hendrickson emergers and spinner falls. As always, the trick was being at the right place and at the right time. However, when you guessed correctly and the weather cooperated, the results were awesome. It is unbelievable how one day these rivers seem like a sterile ditch and the next day there are fish feeding everywhere. The Hennies should last through this weekend and the Caddis, Mahoganies and Sulphurs should start in force. When in doubt, blind cast a big stone fly during the day or skate a mouse in the PM. Some of these brown trout are scary big!

May 4th, 2015
Scott Smith , May 04, 2015

Steelhead Alley:

The steelhead fishing has been absolutely incredible! Life is awesome when you can wet wade for steelhead-go now! There are a mix of new and drop back fish throughout each system.

The challenge is that all of the creeks are low and clear. If you have a choice, focus on the Grand and Conneaut. If not, fish anywhere!

The reality is that we need rain to keep this season going. So, fish this week if you can! They are literally eating anything that is presented reasonably well.

Interestingly, the smallmouth migration seems to have stalled. A little rain should change this pattern-but there is not much in the forecast. They are coming soon!

Mad River/Clear Fork

These rivers are fishing very well. The bugs are popping and the fish are looking up!

Pa Trout:

These streams have been fishing very well! Go now.


Transition time.

The steelhead season is winding down. This may be the last week of reasonable steelhead fishing.

The great news is that the Hendricksons are definitely popping off big time on the eastern rivers. The cold nights have kept the water temperatures at or below 55 degrees. This is the magic number for fish to actively feed on the surface. It should happen this week!

This is also historically Black Caddis week so be prepared. Your box needs Hendricksons, Black Caddis and Blue Winged Olives this week.

April 27th, 2015
Scott Smith , April 27, 2015

Steelhead Alley

This is a great time to fish the Cuyahoga, Grand, and Catt! Water conditions are awesome, fish numbers are spectacular and it is so fun to explore these bigger tribs. Take advantage of the big water when you can!

The Rocky, Vermillion, Black, Chagrin, Ashtabula, Conneaut, Elk and Mile Creeks are getting low and clear. The fish are spooky after a great weekend of fishing. There are more post spawn fish than spawners or pre-spawn fish and the fish are definitely starting to drop back and the sucker population is peaking.

These drop backs provide some of the best fishing of the year. They are tired and hungry and are happy to eat a fly or swinging pattern.

Keep an eye out for the Bronze backs! May and June will be spectacular smallmouth fishing and they are already holding and staging in the lower sections of the creeks and rivers.

Ohio Trout:

The Clear Fork and Mad River are in great shape. The colder weather has slowed the BWO’s and Hendrickson’s and the trout are just not looking up yet. That will change quickly so be ready for those first warmer afternoons! In the meantime, the nymph and streamer bite has been awesome.

Pennsylvania Trout:

It was a great opening week so keep fishing! Dry flies, nymphs, emergers, soft hackles, and streamers are all the rage. Go and enjoy. What a great resource that is so close and accessible with both awesome numbers of native and stocked fish and great hatches.

Michigan Steelhead and Trout:

The steelhead are just peaking which is about a week to 10 days later than normal. The brutal winter has definitely extended the migratory fishing season.

Conversely, the long and cold winter has slowed the Hendrickson emergence and trout fishing in general. The water is still cold and the dry fly fishing is off to a slow start. Do not let that stop you-the entire fishery should come to life later this week! Go soon!

April 22nd, 2015
Scott Smith , April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

The steelhead fishing is absolutely incredible! Go as soon and as often as possible.

PS-watch the gauges as there are numerous little micro storms predicted this week. However, as of now, the fishing looks incredible all week!


Every trib is in great shape and holding great numbers of fish from bright chrome jacks to dark hold overs, in all types of water, in every stage of their annual journey, and throughout the length of every system. Even the Grand and “hoga” should fish this week.

Water temperatures are perfect and the forecast predicts great Steelheading well into May!

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