Fishing Reports
March 1st, 2015
Scott Smith, February 28, 2015

Buy a 2015 fishing license before your next fishing trip! Your old license expires Saturday.

Get out and fish Sunday through Wednesday! With a significant increase in air and water temperatures, those frozen and lethargic hold over fish will wake up and chase a fly!

These winter windows of warmer temperatures are awesome. There are very few anglers, the fish have not been pressured, and they are willing to play. Plus, in all likelihood, your favorite sections of river are frozen over so you are forced to explore new water.

There is open water and fishable numbers of steelhead in the Upper Rocky, Grand and Cuyahoga. Try them all.

However, a well-kept secret for steelhead fishing is the Cuyahoga River. Yes, that once burning river gets a beautiful run of steelhead. And, although many fish stop at Route 52, some travel all the way to Akron. For now, focus on the access points downstream of 52 and be amazed.

Finally, please remember the Fly Fishing Film Tour is at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on March 6th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $15 and available for puchase here at The Backpackers Shop. There aren't many left so pick yours up soon!

Anyway, it has been a long and cold February. Go catch a few fish then stop by the shop. The fire will be roaring so stay a while. 

Up-to-Date Local Fishing Reports
Backpackers Fly Shop, February 22, 2013

Thank you for visiting and welcome! Currently, this page is under construction and it will be updated shortly.

In the meantime, 80% of our local tribs are frozen over. There are some holdover fish but they are lethargic. Fish low and slow and be careful of the edge ice. As we turn into March and the ice melts, we look forward to providing you with extremely current, accurate and informative fishing reports.

New Mexico Trout Fishing
Thomas Fabbro, October 01, 2012

The last trout fishing trip of the season was a very successful one to Northern New Mexico. In five days, we fished the San Juan, Cimmaron, and a phenomenal little creek in the Valle Vidal region called Rio Costilla.

The San Juan was a little less crowded in September than the busy season and the fishing was amazing as usual. We spent the majority of the days we were there fishing little Midge dries and baetis on 7x tippet and managed to land some huge fish. We found rising fish along the banks and in the flats throughout the whole day which was nice because we could avoid the crowded areas of the river.

After the San Juan, we drove over to the Cimmaron and fished in the National Forest area. The Cimmaron is a small, brush-choked creek that I soon found was very difficult to fish with an 8 1/2 foot rod. Nevertheless, we landed some pretty nice fish on hopper-dropper rigs and buggers.

Finally, we drove up to Costilla and spent the last day before our elk hunt fishing for little cut throat and rainbow trout in Rio Costilla Creek. It was a warm windy day and the hopper fishing was phenomenal. We walked three or four miles of the creek fishing hoppers and beetles in the little pockets and riffles. Between the two of us, we caught over 100 trout on dries, all in the 8-14 inch range.

For any western trout fishermen looking for a unique experience, Northern New Mexico has some great rivers to offer. For anyone seeking advice on New Mexico trout fishing, feel free to call the shop or stop in and ask for Tom or Reece.

Musky on a Fly
Thomas Fabbro, September 14, 2012

Tom Fabbro lands musky on a fly!

After a long day of great fishing, and many huge bass... Tom caught his first musky (45") on Lake Saint Claire sight fishing in shallow water. The video below shows part of the fight.

What an awesome day of fishing with Captain Brian Mezaros. Great guy and awesome fishing guide! His link is below if you're interested in contacting him for a trip... only a few hours away. He is a Backpackers Fly Shop top pick!

Great Lakes Fly Fishing Link  



North Platte Streamer Fishing
Thomas Fabbro, August 10, 2012

We just returned from a streamer fishing trip to the North Platte in Wyoming and it was unbelievable. We netted over 100 fish in three days all on big streamers and woolly buggers. The average size of the trout on the North Platte are bigger than anywhere else in the west I have fished. We landed somewhere between 40 and 50 fish over 20 inches, and I lost four of the biggest brown trout I have ever seen, including one that was 30 inches and pushing 10 pounds. Vanilla Buggers and Black Estaz buggers in size 2 and 4 were the best flies, fished on a streamer express sinking line. I would highly recommend the North Platte to anyone who is a streamer fishing addict, and the river also presents numerous dry fly fishing and nymphing opportunities. Thanks to Kray Lutz and the North Platte Fly Shop for three great days of fishing and several opportunities at some world class trout.

Black River Smallmouth Fishing June 2012
Thomas Fabbro, June 25, 2012

Native river Smallmouth Bass are probably some of the most challenging warmwater species to fish for with a fly rod. They are more like trout because they key in on stream entomology and you have to hunt for the big ones. They provide some excellent summer fishing for those of us who live in Northern Ohio and like the challenge of river fishing. The upper Black River provides some phenomenal fishing throughout the summer months for some good-sized bass, such as the fish pictured below. These were taken on olive crayfish patterns and olive conehead madonnas.





Au Sable River Hex Trip June 17-22
Thomas Fabbro, June 25, 2012

 I fished the beautiful Au Sable River last week for the hex hatch and had some fantastic fishing. Both the Au Sable and Manistee Rivers provided excellend hatches of hex, light cahills, BWO's, and Isonychias. I also had the priviledge of camping outside in the worst thunderstorm I have ever seen on Monday night. Check out some of the nice wild fish that these two rivers produced.



Presque Isle May 30
Thomas Fabbro, May 31, 2012

The Smallmouth are in at Presque Isle! We fished over there yesterday and landed several nice bass in the two to four pound range. Most of the fish were right on the edges of the dropoffs and with the bright sunshine we did a fair amount of sight fishing. As usual, most of the fish came on Clouser Minnows, but I did get a couple to take a white popper. Feel free to give us a call for a detailed report, and if you haven't been over there yet this year, now is the time to go! It is also a great place to take a canoe or kayak and paddle back into some of the lagoons to catch largemouth.



Au Sable River May 21-23
Thomas Fabbro, May 31, 2012

The sulphur fishing on the Au Sable was phenomenal last week. We caught several nice trout in the 10-14 inch range and lost a couple nicer ones in three great days of fishing. The first day (Monday) was a little slow with the cold front, but Tuesday and Wednesday produced great fishing all day and especially the last two hours of daylight. If you are an avid dry fly fisherman, now is the time to go! Many different sulphur patterns were producing, with a size 16 parachute and a little sulphur emerger being the two best flies. Brown Drakes were starting on the North Branch, so if you like drake fishing now is the time to get up there!


Rocky River 2-23
Thomas Fabbro, February 23, 2012

We had a great morning on the Rocky this morning. Got down to the river at 7AM, fished till 8:30, and hooked ten fish between the two of us. Hot flies were pink lady eggs, size 14 beadhead flashback pheasant tails, and a size 14 tan mighty mite. Fish were concentrated in the deep holes and were sitting right on the bottom. Clarity was great, and the fishing should be excellent the next couple of days.

Rocky RIver 2-19
Thomas Fabbro, February 20, 2012

We fished Rocky River yesterday morning and it started out a little slow, but we did manage to pick up a few towards the end of the morning in the lower part of the river. Most of the fish came on a white zonker tied with a barred gray and white back. Water temps were pretty cold and the fish were lethargic. Fishing should be good the next couple of days with the temperature warming up a little bit. The river was at about 250 CFS and in great shape.