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Free Fly Tying Nights
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November 02, 2015

Upcoming Tying Classes
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February 08, 2015





Tying Demo
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February 08, 2015



Warm Water Seminar
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April 25, 2013


Don't miss out on this FREE seminar!


Captain Brian Mezaros Lake Saint Claire Fishing Seminar
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February 13, 2013


Fly Fishing Seminar - Lake Saint Claire


Join us for an AWESOME seminar that we can't wait to host here in March!

Captain Brian Mezaros of Great Lakes Fly Fishing is going to present a two part seminar.

Saturday, March 16th - Free Seminars

11:00am - Fishing Lake Saint Claire Seminar  

1:00pm - Musky Fishing Seminar

Sunday, March 17th 

Warmwater Fly Tying Class - $30 



Having served with 7th Group Special Forces and retired from professional Firefighting,Capt.Brian a current USCG licensed Captain has been guiding, writing, filming television shows and conducting seminars since 1992. Being an innovator in the sport, he became the original fly fishing guide on Lake St. Clair developing the “St. Clair Slam” and "Super Slam" techniques and tactics in the pursuit of warm water species indicative of the region. He is also renowned for his warmwater species fly development, particularly his Musky patterns.

Capt. Brian, a FFF Endorsed Guide, has also appeared in a various fly fishing periodicals and television shows and was recently honored as 1 of the top 100 fly fishing destinations in the world by American Angler Magazine.
Having been blessed with opportunities to fish the Tarpon rich salty waters of Central America to the 
glacial latitudes of Canada for Pike and Salmon to the tidal waters of the East coast for stripers, 
Capt. Brian incorporates this diversified knowledge and expertise into all of his guided trips and seminars




Upcoming FREE Tying Classes for our FlyFishermen!

We will be hosting free fly tying classes throughout the spring season. Classes will be held on Tuesday nights at 6PM at our shop. Bring your own materials and vice (also available for purchase). Come for a great time!

February 26 - Intro To Tube Flies

Large & Small Orange Plastic Tubes

Orange 6/0 Thread

Pink Estaz

Orange Arctic Fox

Orange Maribou

Pink Ostrich Plumes

Medium Dumbell Eyes

Orange Ice Dub

Black 6/0 Thread

Black Bunny Strips

Chartreuse Maribou

Krinkle Mirror Flash

March 12 - Hex Nymph Patterns

Daiichi 1120 Size 10 Hooks

Brown 6/0 Thread

Tan Zonker Strips

Mottled Oak Thin Skin

Mono Eyes

Hot Yellow Ice Dub

Partridge Feathers

Daiichi 1720 Size 6 Hooks

Mallard Dyed Wood Duck

Organ Cheese McFly Foam


March 26 - Steelhead Swinging Flies

Reverse Tube

Black Liner Tube

Black Junction Tube

Gold Turbo Cone

Black Ostrich Herl

Purple Chub Flashabou

Black Arctic Fox

Black Medium Chenille

Black Marabou

Fish Taco

FIsh Skull Shank

Intruder Wire

#2 Trailer Hook

Pink Ice Dub

Purple Ice Dub

Purple Schlappen

Purple Ostrich Plumes

Midnight Rainbow Krystal Mirror Flash

Purple Guinea


April 9th - Trout Nymphs

Prince Nymph

Hook: 1710 Size 12

Thread: Brown 6/0

Tail: Brown BIots

Body: Ostrich Herl

Rib: Medium Wire Copper

Wing: White Biots


Bead Head Guide's Chioce

Hook: 1710 Size 12

Brown Thread

Tail: Hare's Mask

Abdomen: Hare's Ear

Wire: Gold Wire

Wingcase: Medium Pearl Tinsel

Body: Peacock Herl

Legs: Partridge


April 23rd - Eastern Dry Flies

Sulphur Emerger

Sulphur Emerger

Hook: Daiichi 1100 Size 16

Trailing Shuck: Tan Antron

Abdomen: Sulphur Superfine Dubbing

Wing: Sulphur Yellow CDC

Hackle: Ginger Saddle


Grannom Caddis

Wing: Tan Elk Hair

Body: Gray Dubbing

Butt: Green Dubbing

Hackle: Dun

Hook: Daiichi 1100 Size 14

Thread: 8/0 Dun


Hendrickson Parachute

Hook: 1100 Daiichi Size 12

Tail: Fibetts

Body: Hendrickson Dubbing

Wing: Hi-Vis Post

Hackle: Medium Ginger Hackle

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